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Few Audemars Grande Prix Replica companies make hairsprings in Switzerland. (Read our article Audemars Grande Prix Replica Who makes hairsprings? This strategic component is complex and labour-intensive. It is kept secret. Few manufacturers will open their doors to reveal how they work. Audemars Grande Prix Replica Monochrome visits E2O innovation, a sister company to Schwarz Etienne, and takes a look behind the scenes at how the independent maker has created a formidable structure and accumulated considerable expertise in this Audemars Grande Prix Replica field.Balance wheels and springs are inspected and measured to determine their performance. Schwarz Etienne has less than 20 categories for spring and balance pairings. Laser guided tools allow for the adjustment and perfect positioning of balance Audemars Grande Prix Replica inertia.

The Audemars Piguet Replica hairspring, which measures only one centimetre in size, is the Audemars Grande Prix Replica heartbeat of a watch movement. Common consensus is that Christian Huygens was the one who invented the first watch movement with a balance wheel, hairspring, in 1675. The principles of the regulating watch organ have not Audemars Grande Prix Replica changed much since then. The balance wheel is regulated by the escapement. It is controlled by the balance in return. The balance wheel's oscillations regulate the flow time. Each swing of the balance permits the gear train to advance a certain amount. It serves a similar role to a pendulum inside a clock. Audemars Grande Prix Replica The balance swings back-and-forth at a constant rate thanks to the extremely thin, coiled hairspring.Audemars Grande Prix Replica

Conventional audemars piguet replica watches Hairsprings are made from iron-nickel alloys like Audemars Grande Prix Replica Nivarox, whose elasticity is almost unaffected with temperature. Nivarox stands for Nicht Variabel Audemars Grande Prix Replica Oxydfest, which is a acronym that stands for Non-Variable Oxidizing. This alloy is the same as Invar (FeNi36%), which was invented by Charles Edouard Guillaume, a Swiss Nobel Prize winner.Hairsprings are made using high-tech Audemars Grande Prix Replica industrial precision and manual labor to create a malleable blade. It takes several steps to convert a wire of metal into a spring. As the watch's performance is affected by even the smallest variations in the spring profile, tolerances are typically less than 0.1 micron (100 nm). Although the technology is well-Audemars Grande Prix Replica known, the trade secrets that allow for the required precision are a mystery.Audemars Grande Prix Replica

Let's have a Replica Watches closer look at the process at E2O Innovations. Editor's Audemars Grande Prix Replica Note: The report below only lists the main production steps. E2O Innovations began manufacturing hairsprings in 2014. It took them more than 3 years to develop, invest, and become fully operational.All things start with a FeNi alloy wire. Audemars Grande Prix Replica The wire measures 0.6mm in size and is drawn to 60 to 70 microns (0.06mm - 0.07mm), depending on the hairspring. The wire then passes through several diamond dies (20 times each), gradually reducing its size until it reaches its final width. Drawing over 1 km of wire takes approximately two weeks, especially Audemars Grande Prix Replica since the wire gets longer each time it's drawn.The wire is still round at this point. The wire must then be rolled into rectangular ribbon. The precision rollers flatten the material, and lasers measure the results. If there is any discrepancy, Audemars Grande Prix Replica the machine will correct it automatically. This step is the most critical in the manufacturing process. This is where precision is essential. A 0.1 micron difference in rate would mean a variation of 200 or 300 seconds per day.Then, they are separated in a shaken box. This is a traditional and simple Audemars Grande Prix Replica process, but it's still the most efficient. You adjust the inner size using an inside cutting tool, following the specifications of each hairspring. Only a few coils are left from the centre to adjust the collet.Audemars Grande Prix Replica

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